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Hey Frankie is music for the soul. With eclectic funk overtones and smooth bass lines that stretch out for days, the band melds the rich and sultry vocals of Jess Palmer with an electronic sensibility that just begs you to shuffle your feet. The perfectly metered doses of neo-soul give Hey Frankie a potent identify: you hear the raw, gravely sounds of Amy Winehouse, balanced by a earthy self assuredness of India Arie. Its influences work to create a wide and exciting sonic landscape, and the instrumental mastery exhibited by this bright young group gives a sense of what there is to come.

Hey Frankie reaches into your heart cavity and switches on your life switch – next time they’re playing, be there and see for yourself.

Check out the official Hey Frankie website & facebook pages, as well as their first EP I See You.

Jess Palmer // Vocals
Nick Marks // Keyboards
Matt Hayes // Bass
Daniel Berry // Drums
Ryan Lim // Guitar